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We're sharing our experiences as we plant Acts2 Community Church. Check it out and join in the discussion.

One Kingdom, One Church

Several years ago I was working as a children’s ministry director for a small, inner city church in Flint, Michigan. (Yes, that Flint.) It might seem strange that on most Sundays I was the only white person in a predominately African American church, but I was on fire with a love for the people and...
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The Next Inch

I’m an avid biker. Or… I was an avid biker. I used to have a standing date with my dad every weekend from early spring until late fall to bike 10 or 20 miles (sometimes 30 if we were feeling adventurous). And then I’d ride a couple of times during the week as my schedule...
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Welcome to the Road Trip

When I was a kid my family would pack up the car and drive to Florida every couple of years. It was always an adventure. I was about five years old when the trip included a visit to Disney World. When I was about twelve years old, my dad installed a seat in the bed...
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